The Right Stuff

Products that I have found with the right oils and low sugar - less than 5%

 Where these products have vegetable oil listed on the back I have verified with the manufacturer what oil type they use.

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USDA site for nutrient information

Guide to eating good food cheaply

•  Vogel's "Original Mixed Grain" - only one without Canola Oil

 Note: we prefer the very thin toast version

•  Pam's Wheat Biskits

•  Grain Vita-Brits

•  Sanitarium Weetbix

•  Tasti Raw Snacking nuts - whole range

•  Bluebirds chips excluding copper kettle range - uses Palmolein oil

•   Proper Crisps, use high oleic sunflower oil

•  Pam's Rice Crackers - uses Palm Oil

•  Farrah's Wraps - uses Palm Oil

•  Jamie Oliver "Tomato and basil pasta sauce" - olive oil

•  Five Brothers "Oven roasted garlic and onion sauce" - no oil

•  Heinz "Seriously Good Alfredo pasta sauce" - no oil

•  Arnott's Water Crackers - sustainable palm oil

•  Diamond Rice Risotto, Indian & Thai Green Curry's - high oleic sunflower oil

•  CeresOrganics - Almond Butter

•  CeresOrganics - Tahini

•  CeresOrganics - Cashew Butter

•  Exotic Food Tamarind Paste

•  Obento Rice Wine Vinegar

•  Poonin Fish Sauce

•  Campbells Stock Range

•  Davis Gelatine

•  Cadbury Bournville Cocoa Powder

•  Pam's Cocoa Powder

•  Fair Trade Baking Cocoa

•  Edmonds Custard Powder

•  CeresOrganics Coconut Cream

•  Trident Coconut Milk

•  Thai Coconut Milk

•  Delmaine French Mustard

•  Masterfoods Hot English Mustard

•  Nestlé Reduced Cream

•  Liddells Lactose Free Milk

•  So Good Almond Milk

•  Rempah Dhall Curry

•  Pam's Alfredo Sauce

•  Pam's Carbonara Sauce

•  Latina Creamy Carbonara Fresh Sauce

•  Leggos Carbonara Creamy Pasta Sauce

•  La Fiammante Passata

•  Watties Tomato Paste

•  Trident Udon Noodles

•  Pams Udon Noodles

•  Pams Hokken Noodles

•  Oak Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce

•  Pams Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce

•  FogDog Easy Beer Batter

•  FogDog Perfect Fritter Mix

•  Primo Salami Range

•  Kapiti Artisan Foccacia Bread

•  New World Bakery French Pave

•  Giannis Pita Pockets

•  Pams Pita Bread

•  Alamir Pita Bread Chips - sea salt variety

•  Quality Baker Crumpets

•  Pams Crumpets

•  Liberte Bread Crumbs - Gluten Free

•  Orgran Multigrain Crumbs

•  Genoese Basil Pesto

•  BioFarm Natural Organic Yoghurt

•  Plain Unsweetened Yoghurt

•  Retro Organics Greek Yoghurt

•  Yoplait Yoplus Natural Yoghurt

•  Gopala Natural Yoghurt

•  EasiYo Unsweetened Organic Yogurt

•  Kraft Vegemite

•  Uncle Toby's Rolled Oats

•  Nicola's Organics Oat Singles

•  Harraways Organic Rolled Oats

•  Pams Coconut Range

•  Semolina

•  Popping Corn

•  Whitecrest Arrowroot Substitute ( Tapioca Starch)

•  Tararua Buttermilk

•  Edmonds Butter Puff Pastry

•  Baby Food - Only Organic number of products - check sugar levels

•  Farex Rusks

•  King Glucose

•  Queen Glucose syrup

•  Chantal Rice syrup

•  Dextrose

•  Mono hydrate Dextrose - from Home Brew supplies

•  Mother Earth nuts range – excluding fruits – high oleic sunflower oil

•  Maltexo

•  Barley Malt Syrup

•  Healtheries Simple Wheat & Gluten Free Baking Mix

•  Blue Coconut - Coconut Cooking Oil

•  Chefade

•  Home Gourmet Duck Fat

  Soprano Limoncello sugar free version - contact Bryan at

•  Mae Ploy Asian Green Curry Paste


•  Dextrose supplier online click here

•  Another source for dextrose supply

•  Dextrose supplier in Wellington

• Fuatino's Raw Virgin Coconut Oil - email ordering

How to Navigate a Supermarket.

Don’t go shopping when hungry.

Shop on the outside aisles.

Real Food does not need a Nutrition Facts Label.

Real Food spoils – which is good if bacteria can digest it so can you.

- Downside – you have to cook

- Can be more expensive – but you will start to eat less as you lose weight.

 Find the hidden sugar.

- If it is a good sugar – not a problem.

- If it is a bad sugar – limit to 4g per 100g

Find the good oil.

- If it is a good oil – not a problem

- If it is a bad oil – limit to 1g per 10g of total fat

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