Next Phase n=1

So you’ve gone sugar free and eating good fats and oils but your weight has plateaued above the level you would like to achieve - what now?

It is time for what is called n=1 experiment phase.

Here you try to find out what foods are having an effect on your body.

You need to take out foods such as grains and starches for a period of 4 weeks and let your body settle then introduce slowly one food at a time to see the effect.

Some people cannot tolerate dairy products and may have to remove these from their diet. This sounds like hard work but focus on the foods that you can have and enjoy them.

There are a number of different diets out there that follow these regimes - Paleo, Atkins, Ketogenic, LCHF all have one thing in common - they all remove processed foods from you diet and you get back to cooking real food. Here is a great resource for those looking at Paleo

Check out the reading material - a number of books there I recommend.

Things to emphasis in your food choices are:

  • Eat good fats and oils - animal fats from grass fed animals, coconut oil, olive oil and cold pressed nut oils.
  • Eats nuts excluding peanuts (they are legumes).
  • Eat lots of leafy green vegetables - vegetable that grows above ground.
  • Eat eggs 
  • Eat grass fed meats
  • Eat fish especially sea run salmon and other oily fish
  • Get some sunshine on your skin
  • Drink water as required - use a soda stream for soda water for party drinks
  • Get someone to join you particulary if they are living with you it makes it easier cooking one type of meal.
  • Exercise - walk up the stairs, get a stand up desk, chase the dog - don’t take the easy options,

Alternative is Carnivore Diet

Eat Meat, Eggs, Cheese and drink water

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