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Reading Material:

How to get sugar free:

Sugar Free Information:

USA Sugar Free products - photos 

Alternatives to Fast Food:

There are a number of books that I recommend reading:

Podcasts that I follow:


The Paleo Solution podcast

Altshift podcast

Links to other peoples' stories of getting sugar free:

Michael Mansell

Click Here to link to an article by Gary Taubes that is very interesting and explains effects of sugar consumption.

A transcript of a Gary Taube interview on ABC radio

Links to Grant Schofields blogs with information about fat and carb consumption.

Why some people stay skinny and others get fat.

How to become a fat burning machine, lessons from athletes.

Why beans could make you fay.. And cheese won’t.

Diet Wars: Can you really eat fat and get lean?

Humans ferment fiber into fat

Information for diabetics.

Ketogenic Diet

Atkins Diet starter plan

Type 1 Diabetes and Low Carb

More on Low Carb and Diabetes

Evaluate LCHF for Diabetes

Evaluation of Atkins vs NO

Is t2 diabetes result of mitochondrial destruction?
Low Carb Diet recomended for diabetics 

Other stuff - tests

Testing for cholesterol lipids - Aus

Food intolerance and allergy testing - Aus, can be ordered from NZ

Vegetarian? try this link

Vegan? Watch this for details on ensuring sufficient supplementation -

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