Click on the link below for a Box folder containing recipes that are sugar free and have the good oils:

Box Link to recipe folder containing good sugar / oils

Link to Low Carb Folder

Link to Low Carb Recipes from Facebook

Website recipe links from Facebook

I update this link when I find more recipes that have the right sugar and fats or are Low Carb High Fat (LCHF), you can contact me to receive a link that will add you as a collaborator on the file so that you get notified of updates. Contact link at bottom of the page.

If there is a recipe that contains reference to sugar substitute with dextrose.

Dextrose is available from your supermarket or at a more reasonable price from your homebrew shop called - monohydrate dextrose 

Here are some of my favourite recipes - we have these on hand all the time.

Chocolate Coconut Bombs.

Chocolate Brownie.pdf

Old Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream.pdf

Low Carb Blueberry Ice Cream

Blueberry Fat Bombs - Note 1 stick butter = 125g

This is a link to a supplier of the Ice Cream Maker we recommend

AltShift Mayonnaise - best mayo ever courtesy of

There is a new cookbook out, and it has great recipes for those items that you think you have to give up:

The Sweet Poison Quit Plan Cookbook by David Gillespie

David has put out an app - "Sweet Poison" based on the book

A useful site for recipes

Other sites with useful recipes but you have to substitute glucose syrup for the honey.

A site for low carb high fat recipes:

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