Seventh Post

On holiday in the USA and we have had a struggle initially trying to find sugar free food without the bad oils.  So many products here use canola oil, and the breads are all very sweet.  I found some loaves of bread at an Organic Market in Honolulu, Ezekiel loaf was available and very nice to eat, in Kona we have only found sourdough bread at Cosco.  Got some dextrose at a home brew supplier in Anchorage, still looking here in Kona. i have added some extra page links into the site for people who are either visiting or living in USA, I hope this assists in the quest for freedom from added fructose. The best way to avoid added fructose is to cook your own meals but if you dine out then eat Meat and Salads dishes and ask for the dressings on the side. Avoid fried foods as most use oil for cooking.

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