Ninth Post

Well its been a while since I updated this blog.  i have changed the front page of the website so that you can see the change straight away.  Where are we now?  i have read plenty of books about nutrition and health and Maryanne and i are now low sugar, low carb and higher fat.  Why low carb? Well Maryannes weight plateaued for about 5 months and then all the reading indicated that she was processing carbs (bread, pasta aand potato in much the same way as she was with sugar. The mouth starts the process by producing amylase which starts breaking down starch into sugars so that by the time they hit the stomach they are effectively sugar. I also went low carb and then found that after a month or so when I ate bread that my stomach bloated up and I felt sluggish. 

I have stopped being a couch potato - thanks to Jason Seibs Paleo Coach and listening to numerous podcasts, Ive added a list of podcasts to the reading material page.  My exercise regime now is to lift heavy weights, I have found a coach, Isaac King at Fit Club in Paraparaumu, he has been teaching me to lift weights - dead lift, squats, bench press and exercises to assist my core strength. I have added walking and using stairs. One other part is an app by johnson & johnson - 7 minutes which adds High intensity training - about 4 minutes of hard out exercise. Jogging and distance work is a definite no no, just adds stress to the body.

Four components to health - nutrition, exercise, stress and sleep.  As a shift worker I really struggle to have a regular sleep pattern, need to take all electronic devices out of the bedroom - work in progress.

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