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Discussions with DieticianNZ today was interesting, they say they base their advise on scientific research but still choose to ignore the fact that sugar makes you fat.  An Otago university study of a large number of medical studies found that if you eat fructose you will get fatter and if you consume glucose you will lose weight.  This was countered by the claim that it takes a while for the information to filter through.  They were not interested in any of the books that I have read as they are not scientific interventionist experiments but rather empirical based studies.


No wonder we are all getting fatter – the dieticians who are advising people have blinkers on and are not interested in finding out if the message they are transmitting, which is what they are doing – all one way traffic, is the wrong message.


Ancel Keys message where he found that if you took 7 specific countries and plotted their fat intake vs. their heart disease you got a near perfect correlation.  What he failed to state was if you also plotted their sugar intake vs. heart disease you also got a near perfect correlation.  When you look at the 22 countries that he studied as a whole there is no correlation at all with fat intake.  He was responsible for the message that we should eat less saturated fat.  He ignored the effect of sugar.


We now know that when we have a product advertised as low fat that it will have added sugar to make it palatable and addictive.


I also had a discussion with Diabetes NZ, they at least listened and I am awaiting a response from their dietician, they however recommend a maximum of 1 teaspoon of sugar with any meal, but do not have a change to the low fat message. I am pleased to say that they were open to discussion.

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