Fifth Post

I have added some more reading material about cholesterol and tests that are available overseas, still trying to find out whether we can get them done here in NZ in case anyone wants to follow up on their cholesterol.

I have also added some material in about ketogenic diet where one cuts out carbohydrates and eats meat, fat and low carb vegetables. The cutting of the white carbs - potato, rice, bread and flour or at least reducing them in your diet may assist those of you who find that their weight has plateaued. Maryanne hit a flat spot and now is back on track with her weight loss.  

i have also added a photo link to shots of me, before and now.  

If you cannot find dextrose or dont have a homebrew shop nearby, try asking your supermarket to get some in and tell them that you can get 5kg online from an auckland supplier for $16.50 - or try this link.

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